Frustrated, Fearful, Demoralized ~  feeling overwhelmed,  unappreciated, misunderstood... lonely, angry or sad? 

With the right steps YOU and your most important Relationships can be Restored.

-- Unresolved emotional pain is an "equal opportunity destroyer". Unresolved personal problems or relationship conflict grips and grabs both men and women alike -- damaging and derailing marriages and families -- hopes and dreams. Embrace your best therapeutic alternative and avoid becoming another statistic.


Integrating Modern Behavioral Science with Traditional Christian Values.

"Thank you for visiting our site... I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve you". -- Dr. Dan Briddell

   Dan W. Briddell, Ph.D.

     Licensed and Board Certified (ABPP)
                Clinical Psychologist

      Specialist in Individual &
            Couples Therapy
               (757) 962-1920

          Private  ~  Personalized Care

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